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Our Latest Broker Mobile Enhancements

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

If you get the feeling we're calling extra attention to our mobile products this year, we're glad you noticed.  The speedy rate at which consumers are snapping up smart devices continues unabated, with predictions of 25, 26-fold increases in global mobile data traffic between now and 2015 (source:  More than one-quarter of the articles on TechNewsDaily in the month of June dealt specifically with mobile devices and the sites and applications built for them.  We could go on...

With that as context, CWS proudly announces the latest batch of improvements to our Broker Mobile product.

Property Searches

  • The Advanced Property Search has been enhanced to take advantage of devices’ location-based (GPS) capability.  The user simply checks the option to “Show properties closest to your mobile device’s position”.  When checked, other geographic criteria are hidden from view.
  • Open Houses are easier to locate than ever.  Users simply click a button on the mobile site’s home page, and then choose between an advanced search, or simply locating the nearest open houses to his or her current location.  The open house results page is labeled appropriately and shows up to eight listings nearby, both on a map and in traditional result style.
  • Price increments in the advanced search can now be customized by the client.

Showcase/Featured Listing Search

Clients are now able to add a new menu item to the mobile site home page that will execute a search and display of properties meeting a client’s special, pre-defined criteria.  The rules are extremely flexible, owing to the customizable data-access model provided to every client with a CWS mobile site.  Suggestions for the “featured” search might include premium listings, listings at a certain price point  that are selling well, ready-now homes, and so on.

Agent Sites

Agent mobile sites are now available for regionalized clients.  Previously, rules specific to some Multiple Listing Services prohibited agent websites from displaying IDX listings.  This prevented the entire broker company from offering agent mobile sites, even for MLSs without such rules.  The newest release of our broker mobile product has been enhanced to deal with this possibility, making agent mobile sites available to all.

Sorting Search Results

The order in which listings appear in a typical property search is now completely customizable at the broker level.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our mobile technology solotions to give your customers the best experience. CWS is dedicated to providing our clients with the tools to capture the fast growing real estate mobile market.