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CWS Broker Mobile Rolls On

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The latest upgrades to CWS's Broker Mobile product take consumer friendliness and usability yet another step forward, allowing users to quickly return to recent searches and listings, and perform a location-based search even if the device's GPS is not in use. New visual cues call out new listings and price changes. And agents and administrators now have the advantage of having mobile traffic counts tightly integrated with back-end reporting. Let's take a closer look:

Navigation Improvements

One of the biggest challenges mobile device users must deal with is the navigation of a series of menus or screens using small icons and buttons. Anywhere "clicks” can be eliminated, users save time, hassle, and perhaps even data usage charges. This is where the “Recent” feature becomes useful. CWS Broker Mobile now keeps track of the three most recent searches conducted by the user, as well as the five most recently viewed listings - and does so without requiring the user to sign in!

Better Reporting

Integration of property hit data has been added. Clients who have full websites with CWS and are using Property Hit reporting will now see a count of property views for mobile detail pages, mobile search results pages, and QR code scans. Clients using the CWS Seller's Report will now see these mobile metrics in the reporting - no special setup needed.

Location-based Search Alternative

Cell phone low on juice?  As handy as GPS is, regular users know how quickly this feature can eat up a battery.  But even with GPS turned off, CWS Broker Mobile users can still find properties nearest their current location simply by keying in their location - by ZIP code, address, and/or city-state.  Easy!

Better Maps

Modern mobile devices are capable of spectacular displays.  Terms like "SuperAMOLED" and "Retina Display" are familiar to many users, but one doesn't need to be up on the jargon to know what looks good.  So as higher-resolution maps have become widely available, CWS Broker Mobile now makes these available to users with devices capable of high-pixel densities.

New Listing/Price Change Callouts

Call a little extra attention to listings just coming on the market or properties being priced to move. We've added a visual cue for these kinds of listings to both search results and detail pages for listings that hit the market or had a price change within the past week. And as we often do, we've made this duration configurable to match your full web site if you so choose.

Stay Tuned

We're just getting started.  Work on our next release, scheduled for January, is well underway.