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Towards a More Perfect Mobile Website

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here's a quick look at the latest upgrades to CWS Broker Mobile, enhanced again to bring more information and improved usability to the increasing number of prospects that shop listings on their smartphones.

Even More App-Like

In a nod to the interface popularized by the iPhone, CWS broker mobile sites now incorporate the app-like "swipe gesture," allowing users flip from one photo to the next on listings with multiple photos. Feature phone users need not worry as the experience degrades gracefully, allowing them to navigate multiple photos as they always have. In addition, we've freed up valuable space on the screen by hiding the URL bar. It's still there, of course, and reactivated simply by moving the touchscreen down.

More Search Options

Waterfront, basement, and school district are now available in the property search (subject to availability in the MLS). These search items only appear when they are relevant to the pool of available listings.

More Property Details

Property features are now available on the property detail page. Items such as room sizes, inclusions, and school information have not been readily apparent to mobile users. No longer a problem!


When two agents team up to list a property, both will now appear on the detail page.