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Latest IVR Upgrades

Friday, November 12, 2010

IVR Upgrades – Constellation Web Solutions has been providing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for many of our clients for nearly 20 years! We work continuously to improve the experience and help ensure our clients have the advantage of the latest IVR technology for their systems. Today, IVR’s continue to be one of the best Lead Generation and Listing Tools available – affordable and effective, the CWS IVR continues to grow and improve and today offers many new features and upgrades. Be sure to talk to your account manager to make sure you have the latest features installed in your system – including:

  • IDX IVR – now your system can be converted to include IDX listings! Let callers call about any home for sale in your market and generate more leads than ever.
  • Agent Connect – Your IVR system can become personalized for the agents using it! When an agent enters their buyers into the Agent Connect dashboard, all leads and cross connects from those buyers stay with that agent!

In addition, a number of new tools have been added to help improve and enhance the general caller experience when calling on about homes for sale.

  • Text or Call – now consumers can either text or call with a property code to get information about your company’s homes for sale!
  • Similar Properties Nearby – after hearing about a home, callers can learn about similar homes for sale nearby.  A text message sent to their phone will include a link to view a map of those listings' locations and provide additional details about the homes - including photos.
  • Text to Voice Technology allows for virtually unlimited enhancement potential. CWS can add to the amount of information being provided to callers by including a variety of interior features (based on available data) and even add the remarks that were included in the MLS data.
  • Sample Properties – this allows your agents to use the system more effectively when demonstrating to sellers how it works! Agents may also use this feature to promote other services they offer, a great way to help Buyers' Agents market their services.

Talk to your sales representative or your account manager to arrange a demonstration of these and many other upgrades and enhancements that can be added to your IVR.