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Further your brand identity and awareness through eFlyersPro.

eFlyersPro connects your message a nationwide database of licensed and active real estate sales representatives. You define your target audience by zip code, city/area, county, or states. As a listing agent you may need to broadcast a listing beyond your professional sphere of influence, and if you are building a brokerage you or launching an office in a new area you may wish to use the platform as a recruiting tool. Mortgage companies, Title companies, as well as service providers such as contractors, carpet cleaners, landscapers, financial planners and so forth are also able to use the platform to target the real estate community at large.

Don’t have the time? Let us manage your entire campaign for you. For an additional management fee, we can work with you from start to finish on composting a digital flyer, to selecting a target demographic and delivering your message to the demographic that can make a difference in delivering your message.

Some sample rates across the country:

  • Greater Seattle, WA | 9,544 emails | $76.30 per email
  • Portland, OR | 3,219 emails | $28.54 per email
  • San Francisco, CA | 6,751 emails | $54.77 per email
  • Silicon Valley, CA | 29,597 emails | $208.18 per email
  • Greater Los Angeles, CA | 49,621 emails | $339.34 per email
  • Denver & Boulder, CO | 5,164 emails | $42.54 per email
  • Scottsdale & Phoenix, AZ | 35,235 emails | $245.11 per email
  • Dallas, TX | 11,056 emails | $86.74 per email
  • Austin, TX | 11,459 emails | $89.38 per email
  • Greater Houston, TX | 20,773 emails | $150.38 per email
  • Greater Las Vegas, NV | 17,735 emails | $130.48 per email
  • Greenwich, CT | 456 emails | $21.99 per email
  • New York City, NY | 1,160 emails | $21.99 per email
  • Orlando, FL | 7,349 emails | $59.38 per email
  • Greater Miami, FL | 25,085 emails | $178.63 per email

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