Real Estate Contact Management Software


A contact management system is an integral part of a real estate lead management system. LeadMine is the ultimate real estate contact management software, in that it provides a complete contact management system driven by a powerful database.

Our LeadMine software allows you to reach total efficiency as far as realtor CRM goes. You'll be able to use our real estate contact software to manage your leads through a database driven contact management system, automate lead distribution, monitor agent productivity, provide targeted marketing based on consumer tracking technology, automatically assign leads to various drip marketing campaigns, and track the success of your various advertising and marketing campaigns through lead source tracking.

    Product Features
  • Automatically populate your database
  • Activity reports
  • Intelligent dynamic messaging
  • Chronological tracking of consumer behavior
  • Track lead assignment history
  • Import and export features

LeadMine Mobile - Mobile Lead Delivery Tool
Imagine being available anytime, anywhere for your prospects and clients without having to work any harder! LeadMine Mobile provides you with the ability to; capture, prioritize and respond to internet leads from any phone you select, as well as any computer that is connected to the internet.

  • Get real estate website leads via email and text lead notifications directly on your phone
  • Instant lead notification
  • Avoid email service issues
  • Works with all major carriers
  • Integrates with Birdview's lead distribution system

Smart Phone Users
You can receive the lead notification directly in your email. Even if you cannot recieve emails on your smart phone, you can follow the link on the lead notification to access the lead information on your web site directly from your mobile device.

Non Smart Phone Users
If you are only able to recieve text messages on your phone, you can still get instant notification of leads.

Lead Distribution System


When a lead comes in to your office or team website, you have several ways to distribute the leads to your agents. You can either manually assign the lead by selecting the agent that you want to receive the lead, or you can assign the lead to an agent in a round-robin style format using automated tools. Our automated lead distribution tool is called VirtualFloorTime.

How Does VirtualFloorTime work?
VirtualFloorTime distributes leads to agents in "pools" based on your distribution "rules". When a lead comes in off your real estate website, our system identifies and categorzes the lead using our proprietary consumer tracking technology. Based on the lead profile, it places that lead in the appropriate pool, and distributes it to the agents within that pool according to the rules of that pool.

What is a Pool?
A pool is a group of agents who have been designated to receive leads that match the lead profile of the pool. For example, "buyer leads between $300k and $500K" is a pool where buyer leads looking for homes between $300K and $500K would be sent to agents assigned to work that pool.

What is a Rule?
A rule is the instruction given to the system to distribute the lead to the pool. For example, "round robin to agents - expire 15 minutes" would distribute a lead to the agent next in line to recieve a lead. If the agent fails to accept the lead in 15 minutes, then the lead notifiation gets routed to the next agent in line.

Do you offer Lead Tracking tools?
Yes. Each lead and each agent is tracked and a report is generated.

How are lead notificaitons sent to agents?
Lead notifications are sent via email and/or text messaging.

Real Estate Drip Marketing System


Convert more prospects into buyers and manage your cold leads effortlessly. ProspectPro allows you to control the content, timing and frequency of your messages while tracking activity of all the prospects and customers in your pipeline.

Automatic Assignment of Leads Into Campaigns
Consumers from your Birdview real estate website are automatically assigned to campaigns using consumer tracking technology.

An extensive library of professionally prepared messages and letters.
ProspectPro comes with a library of over 60 campaigns with over a 1,000 professional prepared messages.

Quickly and easily customize campaigns or create your own.
You can create your own campaigns and letters. In addition, you can use our easy to use content editor to make changes to existing campaigns as you see fit.

Send email blasts to some of your contacts or everyone in your database.
ProspectPro includes features allowing you to send emails to your entire database or a defined segment with a push of a button.

Themes and branded stationery are built-in for holidays, birthdays, and more!
Select from hundreds of templates and themes. Stay in front of your consumers on all occassions throught the year.

Custom stationery available! (Colors, clipart, photos, etc.)
If templates do not fit your style, we can create your own custom stationary.

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