Change of Ownership – Questions

Answers From Constellation

  1. Are the phone numbers and email for customer support going to remain the same?
    Yes, you can still call the same customer support number at 860-946-9110, and continue to submit email support requests at
  2. Will Constellation continue to provide support for the products?
    Constellation will both continue and enhance customer service.
  3. How will I be invoiced and who do I make Payments to?
    You will be invoiced by “Constellation Web Solutions”. You will notice the new company name on your invoices and will be provided direction on where to submit payment with your next annual invoice.
  4. Will our license or service agreement remain the same?
    Yes, customer agreements will not change due to this transaction except that Constellation will be your new service provider. In connection with the acquisition transaction, all of the existing customer contracts, including your current annual Maintenance agreement, are assigned to and performed by Constellation Web Solutions.
  5. What are Constellation’s plans for the products?
    Constellation is committed to supporting and enhancing them. As a first step, Constellation will be evaluating opportunities to enhance the products and increase the value to its customers. Constellation will communicate all planned enhancements so that you will remain current on the product direction.
  6. How is this ownership transition good for our business?
    Constellation provides focus on web development and software excellence. Software and Web Technologies are Constellation’s primary focus. Constellation has a proven track record in product development and customer support. Constellation will leverage this expertise to continue to support and enhance the products. As your business grows and your web site and software needs evolve, Constellation’s family of software products will provide your company with a choice of alternatives.

Our goal is to keep you as a customer for life.

Aaron Nummerdor Nik Basta
General Manager Director of Client Services
Constellation Web Solutions Constellation Web Solutions
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